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Nagano/Matsumoto/Chino-Chiba/Narita Airport Liner

Narita Airport(Chiba)-Nagano(Nagano)Highway Bus

Bus Facility

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This night bus connects Nagano and Matsumoto with Ueno and "Tokyo Disney Resort®" in Chiba. This bus service is convenient that you do not need to change buses to your destination. 長野・松本⇔上野・「東京ディズニーリゾート®」・千葉を結ぶ夜行便!  目的地まで乗継なしでとっても便利!!

Reservation opening dates.

04/23 ~ 05/22


JPY 3,300 ~ JPY 7,000


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Narita Airport Terminal 3 Map 09:05 PM
Narita Airport Terminal 2 Map 09:10 PM
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Map 09:15 PM
"Tokyo DisneySea®" Map 10:25 PM
"Tokyo Disneyland®" Map 10:35 PM
Nishi-Funabashi Sta Map 11:00 PM
Keisei Ueno Sta Map 11:40 PM
Asakusa Kaminarimon (Gate) Map 11:45 PM
Chuo Expy Chino Map 05:00 AM
Nagano Expy Midori-ko Map 05:17 AM
Nagano Expy Hirooka-Nomura Map 05:21 AM
Nagano Expy Kanbayashi Map 05:26 AM
Matsumoto Interchange Map 05:31 AM
Matsumoto Bus Terminal Map 05:41 AM
Nagano Expy Azumino Map 05:57 AM
Nagano Interchange Map 06:35 AM
Nagano Bus Terminal Map 06:50 AM
Nagano Sta Map 06:53 AM