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Tokyo-Kochi Blue Mets Liner
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2/18/2020 ~ 3/17/2020
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Important notice regarding this route.
Luggage and Personal belongings

Any fragile items and valuables items should not be stowed in the storage compartment in any circumstances, but should be taken on board as a hand luggage. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your luggage unless we caused such damage by our gross negligence.
Snowboards, ski boards, surfboards, folding bicycles, large musical instruments and dangerous items are not allowed to bring onto the bus. (Less than 1 meter in total exterior dimensions.) Please arrange to carry them by express courier in advance.
Bringing any living creature except for trained guide dogs or service dogs that are being used by person with disability is prohibited on the bus.

Only single(one-way) tickets for adults and children are available via Japan Bus Online Website. 
Contact information
Odakyu Bus Reservation Center, Tel: +81 (0)3-5438-8511, Business hours: 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.
Tosaden Traffic Harimaya Bashi Reservation Center Tel: +81 (0)88-884-5666, Business hours: 8:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.
*They can be contacted only in Japanese. Please make an inquiry to customer support center, KOBO Co., Ltd relating to reservations and payment of tickets.
小田急バス予約センター 電話:03-5438-8511 営業時間:10:00~19:00、とさでん交通 はりまや橋予約センター 電話:088-884-5666 営業時間:8:30~18:00  ※日本語でのご対応になります。

*We will not accept any inquiries directly regarding any particular bus operations and services since KOBO Co.,ltd. only operates the website for Japan Bus Online, and not the actual bus services. Please contact the operating bus company directly for information regarding bus operations( service status, locations of ticket window, boarding locations, loss of your ticket, lost and found and luggage.)
Important notice from operating bus company
Reservations and Payment

Reservations via Japan Bus Online Website opens at 10:30 AM JST one month prior to departure.
You can check seat availability and purchase a ticket until 5PM JST on the day you travel via Japan Bus Online Website.
「Japan Bus Online」でのご購入は1ヶ月前の10時30分から可能です。
「Japan Bus Online」では出発当日17:00まで購入・空席照会ができます。

Amendment and Refund

You cannot amend your reservations once you have purchased. If you would like to amend your reservation, please repurchase your ticket with new requirement and then cancel your original reservation via the “ Manage My Booking “ Section of Japan Bus Online before cancellation deadline indicated on your reservation detail. Please note that a cancellation fee will apply to cancel your ticket. 
予約内容の変更はできかねます。変更がある場合は、予約を取り直し、購入したチケットの取り消しをManage My Bookingより取消し期限までに行ってください。
チケットの取り消しはManage My Bookingより取消期限内に行ってください。その際はキャンセル料がかかりますのでご承知おきください。

Important Notice

You need to repurchase the ticket in case you forgot or lost your e-ticket. You cannot board a bus by presenting your Identification Card.
Due to road, weather conditions and any circumstances beyond our control, arrival time may change. We accept no responsibility for refund, discount of tickets, any extra overnights , or expenses for other means of transportation caused by any delays due to Acts of God, delayed departure or arrivals, bad road or weather conditions, and any circumstances beyond our control.
Bus leaves on time. You are advised to come to the departure location early enough to catch the bus.
Due to road and weather conditions and any circumstances beyond our control, bus services may be suspended. We accept no responsibility for any extra overnights or expenses for other means of transportation caused by any delays due to Acts of God, delayed departure or arrivals, bad road or weather conditions, any circumstances beyond our control.

Only Car No. 1 departs from Shinjuku South Exit( Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal) . Departure locations vary depending on services. Therefore, please review your departure location in advance and wait for the reserved bus service. 
Bus drivers will correspond with you in Japanese.