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Takayama/Shirakawa-go-Takaoka/Toyama/Kanazawa Line
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7/7/2020 ~ 8/7/2020
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Important notice regarding this route.

・Reservations are available one month prior to service (the same day of the prior month)
・All buses are non-smoking
・Please fasten seatbelts while riding buses
・You must bring and show the E-ticket to a bus driver just before you rde a bus in order to board a bus                                           

Safety on board  

・There may be circumstances when the brakes must be applied suddenly. Please remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion
・Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop, and the driver opens the entrance door when you get off the bus
・You are required to wear a seatbelt while on the bus to secure your safety

Prohibitions and Notices

・Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
・Please refrain from talking on the phone, and switch your mobile to silent mode while you are on the bus
・Hazardous/dangerous materials, lots of matches, corrosives, Sulphur, unsanitary items, items that give off a bad smell, and items that could jeopardize other passengers cannot be taken on board.


There are luggage compartments under the bus. Please load and unload your luggage into a storage compartment on your own.( There may be a case when the driver helps load your luggage on or off coaches.)
・Please be advised that valuable items, fragile items, and perishable items should not be stowed in the luggage compartment.
・ We will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft  of your luggage.  Please make sure to pick up your own belongings when you get off the bus.

Animals on board

・Animals cannot be transported in the luggage compartments under the bus.

- Round trip tickets are not available for purchase on this website. Please book your outbound and return tickets on separate one-way tickets.

- Note that stopovers are not allowed on any kind of tickets. Please purchase separate tickets for each leg of your trip. For example, if you would like to travel from Takayama to Shirakawago and Shirakawago to Kanazawa, you need two separate tickets: Takayama- Shiarakawago and Shirakawago- Kanazawa.

- If you would like to travel from Shirakawago to Takayama, please click either " Kanazawa to Takayama " or " Toyama to Takayama from the time slot, and then choose your departure and arrival locations.

Contact information

Please make an inquiry to, customer support center, KOBO Co., Ltd relating to reservations and payment of tickets.

Nohi Bus Reservation Center, +81 (0)577-32-1688, Business Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Hokuriku Railroad Reservation Center, +81 (0)76-234-0123, Business Hours: 9:00AM to 6PM
Toyama Chihou Railway Highway Bus Reservation Center, +81 (0)76-433-4890, Business Hours: 8:30AM to 7PM

*We will not accept any inquiries directly regarding any particular bus operations and services since KOBO Co.,ltd. only operates the website for Japan Bus Online, and not the actual bus services. Please contact the operating bus company directly for information regarding bus operations( service status, locations of ticket window, boarding locations, loss of your ticket, lost and found and luggage.)
Important notice from operating bus company

・Children under 5 years old of age can travel free, however If your infant travels in his or her own seat, you must buy a “ Child” ticket.
・Please contact the bus operating company regarding the transport of animals before you purchase a ticket as each company has their own rules and policies. .
・We may refuse to carry your luggage because of its size and weight due to storage limits even though there is a storage compartment under the bus.
・We accept no responsibility for additional expense caused by any delays due to Acts of God, delayed arrivals, bad road or weather conditions, any circumstances beyond our control, and accept no refunds in such cases.
・We will stop at “ Gokayama ” from April to November, however we are not going to stop there in winter.

NOTE:  For those passengers who have “ Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass”, we are afraid that you cannot book a ticket through Japan Bus Online Website. Please call bus operating company, Nohi Bus Reservation Center directly at +81 (0)577-32-1688 from 9AM JST to 6PM JST.