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Important notice regarding this route.
[Free Carry-on luggage allowance]

You are allowed to take luggage that complies with following weight & size limitations on board.
(1) Less than 10kg in total.
(2) Less than 0.027㎥ in total.(30cm×30cm×30cm)
(3) Less than 1 meter in total exterior dimensions (length+width+height).

The tour guide service is available only in Japanese.
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Ichibata Bus Reservarion Center(Only in Japanese)
Tel: +81 (0)852-20-5252  Business hours 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM(JST)
Important notice from operating bus company
In case of bad weather, we will not walk around" Inasano Hama Beach" near Izumo Taisha Shrine, and it can be only seen from the window.

In case the Horikawa sightseeing boat service is suspended, we will go either "Bukeyashiki( Former Samurai District)" or "Koizumi Yakumo Kyukyo ( Former Yakumo Koizumi Residence)" instead. Due to road condition and any circumstances beyond our control, departure or arrival time, the order of sightseeing and itinerary may change. We accept no responsibility for any extra overnights or taxi fares caused by any delays due to Acts of God, delayed departure or arrivals, bad road or weather conditions, any circumstances beyond our control.