5 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Okayama / Kurashiki Accessible by Night Bus from Fukuoka

This is a must-see for anyone planning to travel from Fukuoka to Okayama / Kurashiki.
Introducing cheap and comfortable night buses from Fukuoka and recommended sightseeing spots in Kurashiki.

Slow sightseeing in 1 night, 2 days! Location and access to Okayama and Kurashiki

Here is some basic information you need to know before you go to Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.

The charm of Kurashiki

In Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Little Kyoto.

 As well as the streets and scenery, the city has fruit, fine denim and cafes in renovated old houses.

 You can also try Momotaro’s famous millet dumplings or take a rickshaw tour of the city.

 If you are visiting Kurashiki for the first time, we recommend the “Bikan Historical Quarter”, which is a central tourist destination.

Let’s use the night bus “Pegasus” from Fukuoka

Here are some ways to get from Fukuoka to Kurashiki City.

 The service is only available from Hakata Bus Terminal at 21:55 at night and arrives at Kurashiki Station North Exit at 6:15.

 We recommend that you take advantage of the discounted use of showers, sauna, gym and pool at Central Wellness Club Tenjin Solaria before boarding.

 You can enjoy a comfortable bus trip on the Pegasus.

Transportation Station Required Time Price Wi-Fi・Battery Charging Station
High-speed bus (Pegasus) Hakata Bus Terminal → Kurashiki Station North Exit 8 hours and 53 minutes One way: ¥ 7,230

 Round trip: ¥ 12,990

(Equipped with all vehicles)


Here are 5 recommended spots that you can go sightseeing in Okayama from the morning.

 Please note that many shops in the Bikan Historical Quarter, which is the main street, are closed on Mondays.

A little scary!  ??  “Momotaro’s Karakuri Museum”

“Momotaro’s Karakuri Museum” is located in the Bikan area of Okayama, famous for Momotaro.

 There are many interesting mechanisms (karakuri) such as illusion and photo spots.

 The atmosphere is a bit like a haunted house where you have to fight off demons, so you might get a bit scared…

Name Momotaro’s Karakuri Museum
Address 5-11 Honmachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0054
Contact Number 086-423-2008
Business Hours 10:00~17:00
Regular Holiday None
Price Adults: ¥ 600, elementary, junior high and high school students: ¥ 400, infants (5 years old and over): ¥ 100
Parking Lot None (There is a pay parking lot in the vicinity)
Access About 15 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Station
Homepage TOP | momo (wixsite.com)

Enjoy the streets of the “Bikan Historical Quarter” in a denim kimono

Why not take a stroll through the streets of Kurashiki in a kimono made of denim fabric from Kojima and Ibara in Kurashiki City, which is also known as the holy land of jeans?

 At Kurashiki Kimono Komachi, the first denim kimono specialty store in Japan, you can style many types of kimono by combining your favorite obi and accessories.

 You will rarely have the opportunity to wear a denim kimono, so this is sure to be a valuable experience.

Name Kurashiki Kimono Komachi
Address 5-10 Honmachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0054
Contact Number 086-486-2671
Business Hours 9:30~17:00
Regular Holiday Irregular holidays
Price ¥6,050~
Parking Lot None (There is a pay parking lot in the vicinity)
Access About 15 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Station
Homepage デニム着物(浴衣)レンタル | 倉敷着物小町 (kimonokomachi.jp)

“Mizushima Complex”, one of the 100 best night views

If you want to see the night view of Kurashiki, we recommend the Mizushima Observatory, where you can enjoy the view of the Mizushima Complex.

 There are other places where you can see the Mizushima Complex, but this observatory offers the best view of the entire complex.

 It has been selected as one of the “Night View Heritage of Japan” and “100 Night Views”, and and will leave you speechless with its beauty.

Name Takabayama Park Line / Mizushima Observatory
Address Yobimatsu, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Contact Number 086-426-3411(Kurashiki City Tourism Division)
Parking Lot Yes, 4 units
Access About 15 minutes from Mizushima IC on the Seto Chuo Expressway
Homepage https://www.kurashiki-tabi.jp/for/en/

Rich fruit parfait with “Kurashiki Momoko”

If you’re looking for a fruit parfait in Okayama, a city famous for its fruit, Kurashiki Momoko is the place to go.

 You can eat a delicious parfait that uses plenty of seasonal fruits such as peaches, strawberries, and Shine Muscat.

 It’s a little expensive, but you can enjoy the rich mood that can only be experienced here.

Name Kurashiki Momoko Main Store
Address 1-3-18 Central, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0046
Contact Number 086-454-6611
Regular Holiday None
Parking Lot None (There is a pay parking lot in the vicinity)
Access About 13 minutes on foot from Kurashiki Station
Homepage http://kurashikimomoko.jp/

Local gourmet “Misokatsu Umenoki”

Umenoki is a restaurant with a long history, established in 1980, where you can eat miso cutlets.

 Unlike ordinary miso katsu, which is famous in other prefectures, the original miso cutlets that can only be eaten here in Kurashiki have become a secret local delicacy.

 The pork cutlet is not deep-fried, but baked in the oven to lock in the flavour.

Name Misokatsu Umenoki
Address 2-19-3 Achi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0055
Contact Number 086-422-1282
Business Hours 11:00~22:00
Regular Holiday 2nd and 4th Thursday
Parking Lot None (There is a pay parking lot in the vicinity)
Access About 5 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Station

 About 4 minutes on foot from the Bikan Historical Quarter entrance

Homepage http://misokatsu-umenoki.com/http://misokatsu-umenoki.com/pdf/menu_en.pdf

[Extra edition] Recommended hotel “Kurashiki Ivy Square”

If you are staying in Kurashiki, we recommend “Kurashiki Ivy Square” in the Bikan Historical Quarter.

 Originally a factory of Kurashiki Spinning Mills, it was restored and reconstructed.

 The whole area is registered as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization, and is a facility with a rich history.

Name Kurashiki Ivy Square
Address 7-2 Honmachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0054
Contact Number 086-422-0011
Parking Lot Yes ・ 120 units
Access About 15 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Station
HP https://www.ivysquare.co.jp/


If you go to Okayama, enjoy sightseeing in Kurashiki

We have introduced the charm of Kurashiki City with its relaxed atmosphere and recommended sightseeing spots.

One night or two days is enough to fully enjoy the city, so why not visit on your day off?


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