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From:Tokyo(Tokyo) To:Aomori(Aomori) |Highway Bus
Tokyo - Aomori/ Morioka Line

Tokyo(Tokyo)-Aomori(Aomori)Highway Bus

Bus Facility

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Tokyo⇔Aomori_Line is the intercity bus that connects Tokyo with Aomori.
Sightseeing spots
Aomori Bay Bridge, Maruyama Archaeological Site, Museum of Art, Nebuta Festival, Nebuta Museum, Warasse, Great Showa Buddha of Seiryuji Temple, Fish Market, Auga& Roadside Local Products Shop, Aspam

Bookable Days of Operation

10/25 ~ 11/26


JPY 8,800 ~ JPY 9,400


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Tokyo Disneyland® Bus Terminal West No. 27 MapDep. 09:00 PM
Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Busstop No.3 MapDep. 10:10 PM
Morioka Station East Exit Bus Stop No.1 MapArr. 05:47 AM
Aomori Station Busstop No.8 MapArr. 08:42 AM