Terms & Conditions
1. General Provision
  • 1.1 Scope of Services
    1. Japan Bus Online website is operated by KOBO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KOBO). This website offers such services as booking expressway and sightseeing buses, and allows customers to make payments online.
    2. Although KOBO manages the Japan Bus Online website, all transactions are made DIRECTLY between the customers and the registered bus companies through Japan Bus Online. All credit card payment and refund transactions are made through Japan Bus Online are processed by KOBO on BEHALF OF THE REGISTERED BUS COMPANIES.
    3. We provide and operate Japan Bus Online as a website where the registered bus companies and customers can do business.
    4. The services we offer, such as making and cancelling reservations, processing payments and refunds, are determined and provided by the registered bus companies, and vary depending on each company’s policies. Please note that the services provided by each operating bus company do not work the same for each bus route. Please check the “Seat Availability” page for further details regarding services and operations of each bus.
    5. Terms & conditions regarding operations and services of expressway and sightseeing buses set forth in Japan Bus Online website are subject to the conditions of transport determined by each operating bus company.
    6. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the time tables, bus stops, fares, facilities, as well as other information and content regarding expressway and sightseeing buses contained in Japan Bus Online website, and KOBO is not liable for any loss and damages that may arise from the information contained on this website.
    7. Japan Bus Online website operating hours are 5am to 2am (JST) with the following exceptions: The operating hours may change when downtime is required for maintenance. The operating hours may also change due to force majeure. KOBO is not liable for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any suspension or discontinuance of Japan Bus Online
  • 1.2 Scope of Application
    1. By using Japan Bus Online, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to these terms & conditions. If you do not agree to these terms & conditions, do not use this website. Bus services operated by the registered bus companies shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
    2. Please do not use this website nor its services if you do not agree to these terms & conditions. We have the right to deny use of this website and/or its service partially, or entirely, to anyone breaking Japanese laws, regardless of whether or not such activities are prohibited in these terms & conditions. IF this is the case, you shall not be entitled to claim a refund for any paid fare.
2. Definitions
  • The following are descriptions for terms used herein:
    1. “Bus” shall mean a bus, coach or other means of transportation provided by the bus companies registered with Japan Bus Online.
    2. “Transport” means any delivery of a passenger and/or luggage by bus.
    3. “Ticket” means any ticket, including but not limited to e-ticket, issued by Japan Bus Online or on our behalf which indicates an agreement to carry the given person and/ or luggage.
    4. “E-ticket “means a printed copy or confirmation email which indicates you have completed your payment.
    5. “Service” means any trip to be made by a bus provided or arranged by us, or on our behalf for the purposes of carrying persons and/or their luggage.
    6. “Luggage” means any personal belongings accompanying you onto the bus, including any property carried on your person.
    7. “Customer” means any person using Japan Bus Online and/or its services.
    8. “Passenger” means any person who boards a bus with a purchased ticket.
    9. “Reservation” means any request for transport by a Passenger.
    10. “Special fare” means any such fare types including, but not limited to, internet discount, student discount, handicapped discount, round trip discount, and some additional fares available on specified routes.
    11. “Non-Boarding certificate” means a document that bus company issue to prove that a passenger did not board a bus reserved.
3. Services
  • 3.1 Reservations & Cancellations
    1. Japan Bus Online offers such services as making canceling reservations for expressway and sightseeing buses. Transactions are made DIRECTLY between our customers and the registered bus companies via the Japan Bus Online website. KOBO is NOT A SERVICE PROVIDER in the actual services contracted herein. It is the registered bus companies which are responsible for the reservations and/or cancellations service contract for with the customer. THEREFORE, KOBO SHALL NOT BEAR RESPONSIBILITY NOR LIABILITY FOR ANY CONTRACT MADE BETWEEN THE CUSTOMER AND THE REGISTERED BUS COMPANIES.
    2. If you wish to change the details of a reservation, you will need to cancel the original reservation, and make a new reservation.
    3. If you wish to board a bus, an E-ticket must be purchased at a ticket counter of an operating bus company or by credit card on Japan Bus Online.
    4. To prevent identity theft and subterfuge, we will send you a confirmation email to your registered email address once reservation has been completed.
  • 3.2 Credit Card Payment & Refund
    1. We offer a payment system where you can make an online payment via credit card for expressway and sightseeing buses. In case you wish to cancel your reservation, you are entitled to receive the amount of money you paid only after you follow the procedure for a refund. We will receive the transacted fare ON BE HALF OF THE BUS COMPANIES registered on Japan Bus Online. We shall be solely liable for such requested transactions as refunds and receiving the fare on behalf of the bus companies. However, we shall NOT be liable for any loss or damages incurred as a result of the use of the payment services on Japan Bus Online.
    2. To board a bus, you may purchase an e-ticket on Japan Bus Online, but payment can only by credit card on our website. Payment by cash may be possible for specific routes and lines when allowed by the given bus companies.
    3. Only the customer themselves may claim a refund directly, otherwise the refund will not be processed and you can not receive a refund. A claim for a refund must be submitted before the departure time indicated on your ticket. Please note that you are not entitled to a refund due to any personal circumstances after the departure time indicated on your ticket.
    4. Specific cancellation fees, handling fees and refund fees will be charged when making a cancellation.
    5. You may cancel your booking via the "Manage my Booking" section of Japan Bus Online prior to the indicated cancellation deadlines. After the cancellation deadline, as long as before the bus departure, you may send a cancellation request to our support center via email (JapanBusOnline@mail.j-bus.co.jp) indicating your reservation number. However, there may be a case that we cannot accept your cancellation requests via email if any behavior impeding bus operation is suspected, such as cancelling duplicate bookings by same passenger with same reservation details or cancelling multiple bookings all at once. In this case, your cancellation requests might be considered if a non-boarding certificate issued by the operating bus company is obtained at your scheduled departure location. Cancellation policy differs depending on the bus lines. Please review the cancellation policy on the enter your information page in advance. A claim for a refund must be submitted WITHIN THE TIME THE BUS COMPANY HAS SPECIFIED.
    6. In case of cancellation due to force majeure, the customer is entitled to receive a refund notwithstanding Clause 3.2. In such cases, please claim a refund via the “ Manage my Booking” section of Japan Bus Online. If you have a trouble with claiming a refund through that section, please send an inquiry to our support center to the following address: JapanBusOnline@mail.j-bus.co.jp
4. E-ticket/Confirmation e-mail
    1. E-ticket is a payment confirmation email which Japan Bus Online sends the customer after the credit card has been processed. Your e-ticket is proof of agreement by the registered bus company to transport you and/or your luggage.
    2. A printed copy of your e-ticket MUST be brought with you when boarding the specified bus to prove and confirm your reservation. You may present the image of your e-ticket on your mobile screen for boarding. However, we recommend you print out the e-ticket prior to boarding in the event of damage or loss of your mobile device. IF you cannot present your e-ticket when boarding the bus, we reserve the right to refuse boarding the specified bus.
    3. When boarding, the bus driver will check your name against the passenger manifest. IF you have cancelled your reservation after the credit card transaction, you are NO longer entitled to board the bus since the bus driver cannot check your name against the passenger manifest to confirm your reservation, even if you present your e-ticket.
    5. If an e-ticket is defaced, damaged or tampered with, it shall no longer be valid for travel. If your e-ticket is stolen, lost or missing, you may not be able to board the bus, and your e-ticket shall not be reissued in such cases. You must retain your e-ticket on your person throughout your travel. You must present it upon request. If you do not take your e-ticket with you when you travel, or do not present your ticket upon request, you will be considered to have travelling without a ticket.
5. Fares and Seats
  • 5.1 Fares
    1. Fares are valid for the scheduled date and time indicated on the ticket.
    2. You must check your reservation details before you proceed to payment. You cannot make any modifications to the ticket or correct any errors once the payment has been processed.
    3. Fares are subject to change depending on the days, seat availability, and may be higher during holiday and peak periods.
    4. Special fares are subject to seat availability, and may not be available for some bus routes and lines. If the special fare price is no longer available at the time of final booking, the normal fare price will be displayed.
  • 5.2 Seats
    1. Seat specifications may vary even on the same bus including, but not limited to, leg rooms, facilities and equipment. Your fare cannot be discounted due to seat specifications, unless discounted or additional fares are set from the beginning.
    2. Seats are assigned automatically based on the gender. We will not assign men and women next to each other unless they are in the same group with the exception of aisle seats. There may be circumstances when men and women assigned seats next to each other, or may be seated separately even if in the same group.
6. Travel Notices
  • 6.1 Departure & Arrival time
    1. Departure dates and times may be subject to change. We shall not accept any liability for delays or cancellations caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, traffic accidents, severe weather conditions, compliance with police requests, unforeseen traffic delays, problems caused by other passengers, or other circumstances affecting passenger safety.
    2. Passengers are required to be at the specified boarding location prior to the departure time indicated on the ticket. The bus will leave on time. The operating bus company has no responsibility to call any passenger who may be running late or is a no-show.
  • 6.2 Available Language on Bus
    1. Boarding and onboard announcements may only be made in Japanese. The passenger is responsible to confirm their own arrival location at their own discretion and risk.
  • 6.3 Supported Language
    1. The operating bus company may answer any questions regarding bus operations and service in Japanese only.
  • 6.4 In-transit Refreshment Breaks
    1. If the bus stops along the way for a short break for toilets or refreshments, you must be punctual in returning to the bus within the time allowed for the stop. The bus shall have no obligation to hold the bus for any passenger, and shall not be liable to any passenger if they miss the bus because they come back after the allotted time for the stop.
  • 6.5 Passengers Requiring Mobility Devices
    1. Please contact the operating bus company for more information.
  • 6.6 Transport of Unaccompanied Minors
    1. Please contact the operating bus company for more information.
  • 6.7 Prohibited activities
    1. Smoking, including but not limited to electric cigarettes, is prohibited.
    2. Policies regarding animals being allowed onboard the bus depend on each operating bus company. Please contact the operating bus company directly for details.
  • 6.8 Bus Troubles
    1. Bus companies shall not be liable for any dispute or conflict between passengers and the operating bus company will not arbitrate any disputes.
  • 6.9 Seatbelts
    1. Passengers are required by the law to wear a seatbelt at all times while seated on the bus.
7. Luggage
  • 7.1 Personal belongings
    1. Under no circumstance should small valuable items be stowed in the passenger’s check-in luggage, but should be taken on board as carry-on hand luggage. All small valuables items, including, but not limited to, money, jewelry, medicine, personal electronic devices, as well as important documents, should be carried with you at all times. Fragile items should also not be stowed in your check-in luggage. You should contact the operating bus company for more information regarding luggage allowances and restrictions since luggage storage varies depending on the transport vehicle.
    2. It is the customer’s responsibility to look after their own luggage while on the bus.
    3. We reserve the right to check your luggage for safety reasons. We may contact the police if we feel there are any security problems.
    4. We shall not be liable for any loss or damages to your property caused by fire, theft, or other related circumstances, unless they are caused by willful act or negligence by bus operator
  • 7.2 Luggage
    1. You are not allowed to bring any of the following prohibited items onto the bus for any reason. If a prohibited item is discovered, we reserve the right to reject transport ion of your luggage. The following items are prohibited on all busses:
    2. Fireworks
    3. Gun powder
    4. Animals, with the exception of trained service dogs
    5. Flammable liquid items including, but not limited to benzene, alcohol, kerosene, diesel oil or carbon disulfide, with the exception of cigarette lighters
    6. More than 100g of film or other celluloid material
    7. Explosive material including, but not limited to carbide, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium powder, hydrogen peroxide, or sodium peroxide
    8. Radioactive material
    9. Corrosive material
    10. Compressed gas, with the exception of fire extinguishers and medical oxygen equipment.
    11. Toxic gas material including, but not limited to chloropicrin, methyl chloride, hydrocyanic acid, chloroform or formalin
    12. More than 500g of Matches
    13. Batteries, with the exception of dry cell batteries and cell phone batteries
    14. Sharp edged tools
    15. Corpse
    16. Any items that may block the aisle, entrance or emergency exit, or may destroy the bus interior, or annoy other passengers.
  • If you are unsure if your belongings can be stowed in the bus storage or not, please make an inquiry before purchasing your ticket. Any items which are in our opinion, unsafe, may cause injury, may damage property, or for other reason unsuitable for transport in terms of weight, size, shape or composition shall not be stowed in the bus storage or as carry-on luggage.
8. Right to Refuse Transport
  • We reserve the right to refuse transport to any of the following customers:
    1. People who fail to comply with all instructions given by the bus driver or operator.
    2. People in procession of prohibited items.
    3. People who are intoxicated and may hurt other passengers.
    4. People who are critically ill without an attendant.
    5. People who have a communicable disease or infection in accordance with the Laws on medical treatment of communicable diseases and infections.
9. Notification of Customers
    1. Japan Bus Online will send an email regarding your reservation details once reservation and/or cancellation has been processed.
    2. We may contact you by email or phone in the event of bus cancellation due to force majeure such as, but limited to natural disaster, act of God, bad road conditions and/or server weather. Please register the email address and phone number which can be used to contact you while you are in Japan.
10. Credit Card Information
  • The purpose of obtaining credit card information includes, but not limited to card holder’s name, card type, card number, and expiration date, as well as the other information shall only be utilized & retained as detailed below.
    1. The Purpose of Credit Card Information. The purpose of obtaining your credit card information including, but not limited to card holder’s name, card type, card number, and expiration date, is to pay your bus fare on Japan Bus Online. We will never utilize any credit card information for any other purpose than credit card transactions for bus fares.
    2. Your credit card statement will show the payment to “KOBO Co., Ltd.”
    3. We provide the customers’ credit card information to the credit card company which issued the customers’ credit card.
    4. We only retain your credit card data for the time period we are obligated to by Law once the customer has made a credit card transaction to purchase a bus ticket through our Japan Bus Online website.
11. Customer’s Liability
  • 11.1 By using this website you indicate your agreement to the following restrictions:
    1. You shall NOT interfere with any aspect of this website, including, but not limited to hacking, introducing viruses, or any other similar action.
    2. You shall NOT access this website in a way which is deemed illegal or unauthorized.
    3. You shall NOT publish, reuse, sell, reproduce, edit, modify, copy, mirror nor inject any material or information on this website in any manner. All such material is the Intellectual property of KOBO Co., Ltd.
    4. You shall NOT transmit nor upload any data, software program nor file which may cause damage or slow the operation of this website.
    5. You shall NOT use this website for any non-personal, public or commercial purpose.
    6. You shall NOT send any unnecessary email to Japan Bus Online to interrupt our business.
    7. We reserve the right to refuse access to this website to anyone IF we feel they are using this site inappropriately.
  • 11.2 Limitation of use
    1. These Terms and Conditions must be strictly observed when using Japan Bus Online.
    2. Should we suffer any damages caused by a customer not following the Terms and Conditions, or by a customer’s illicit act, we reserve the right to claim damages from the perpetrator thereof in accordance with the Laws of Japan..
  • 11.3 Property Right
    1. All materials including, but not limited to programs, database, statements, photographs, with the exception of advertisements, appearing on thee Japan Bus Online website are copyrighted as belonging to KOBO.
    2. This copyrighted material shall not be copied for public or commercial use for any reason.
  • 11.4 Links to Other Websites
    1. When you open any of the third-party links on Japan Bus Online, we are not responsible for any information or service on these third-party websites.
    2. We assume no liability for any losses or damages which may arise from using any linked third-party website.
  • 11.5 Management of customer’s email address
    1. Customers are required to select and protect their own email addresses.
    2. We are not responsible for any damages, loss or dispute which may arise from the customer’s irresponsible care of their own email address.
  • 11.6 Communication Environment
    1. Customers are responsible for obtaining the proper devices, software and communication environment to use the Japan Bus Online website.
    2. KOBO is not liable for any trouble which occurs due to malfunction of the customer's device.
  • 11.7 Communication Fees
    1. Customers are responsible for bearing any communication fees which they may incur while accessing the Japan Bus Online website.
12. Our Liability
    1. We will sincerely try to hold discussions and solve any problems or disputes which may arise from your use of our services. However, we shall NOT be liable for any damages, loss or cost incurred as a result of using our service.
    2. We are not liable for the following: (i) whether the data which the customer enters when making a reservation is sent to Japan Bus Online properly. (ii) whether the data which the customer enters when making a reservation is sent to Japan Bus Online as the customer entered.
13. Modification of the Terms and Conditions or Services
    1. We reserve the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notification.
    2. The services available on the Japan Bus Online website can be modified or amended by us as the need arises and without prior notification.
    3. After any amendment and/or modification is made on Japan Bus Online, information under all previous versions of the Terms & Conditions shall no longer be deemed valid.
    4. We accept no responsibilities for any damages or loss caused by modifications to our services.
14. Miscellaneous
  • 14.1 Interpretations
    1. Whenever possible, each provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in such manner as to be valid and effective under applicable law. If any provision herein is found invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall not invalidate or render unenforceable any other provision herein. These Terms and Conditions shall be construed whenever possible to comply with all applicable laws, and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be enforced to the fullest extent possible.
  • 14.2 Entire Agreement
    • This Agreement constitutes the entire Terms and Conditions and understanding between the parties and supersedes any and all other agreements, communications, understandings, promises, stipulations, arrangements, whether any of the same are either oral or in writing, or express or implied, between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter herein, including, but not limited to, and implied-in-law or implied-in-fact covenants or duties relating to specified services.
  • 14.3 Governing Law
    1. The validity and effect of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with any applicable laws of Japan, except that no conflicts of law provision therein shall be given effect.
15. Privacy Policy(https://secure.j-bus.co.jp)
  • 15.1 Data Controller
    • KOBO is the data controller, and can be contacted at the address given in Clause 15.9.
  • 15.2 Your Information
    • You may send us or we may ask you for the following information to use this website and/or its service.
      1. Your full name
      2. Your nationality
      3. Your email address
      4. Your gender
      5. Your phone number
      6. Your answers to our questionnaire
      7. Certain information about your hardware and software including:
        - Your IP address
        - Browser type
        - Browser language setting
        - Operating system
        - Access times
        - Referring website addresses
      KOBO will not obtain data enabling you to be personally identified unless you give us this information by filling in and sending us the reservation data and questionnaire on the site.
  • 15.3 Registered Personal Information
    1. You are required to provide such personal data as your name, phone number, gender and email address when making a reservation on Japan Bus Online.
    2. You agree to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date.
  • 15.4 Disclosure To Third-parties
    • Any personal data a customer provides to us will not be utilized for any unintended purposes, and will not be disclosed to any third-party without your prior consent. The following cases are exceptions:
      1. When we are required by law or regulation.
      2. When we are required to protect human life or property, and we are unable to obtain the customer’s prior consent.
      3. When we are required to protect public health or promote the healthy development of children, and we are unable to obtain the customer’s prior consent.
      4. When we are required by order of a government agency, local government, or a representative thereof to conduct their job, and obtaining the customer's consent would interfere with execution of their duties.
  • 15.5 What Information We Provide To a Bus Company
    • We will provide and share the information we obtained through Japan Bus Online to bus operators in order to operate their bus services. Bus operators include the operating bus companies, relevant bus companies, and operators who take the reservation on behalf of the bus companies. The information we provide to the bus companies includes the passenger’s name and phone number.
  • 15.6 How Your Information Is Used
    • KOBO and bus operators may use your information in the following ways:
      1. To enable you to board a bus
      2. To ensure that the content on our site is presented in the most effective manner for you and your device
      3. To enable you to use interactive features of our site
      4. To develop and improve our services
      5. For our internal record keeping
      6. To contact you to answer queries you may have
      7. For market research or marketing purposes
  • 15.7 Personal Information Not Mandatory
    • The personal information we collect is on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, if you do not provide us your personal information, you will not be able to use the services on Japan Bus Online.
  • 15.8 Notification, Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Your Personal Information
    • You may request the following in regard to your personal information:
      1. Inquire as to whether we obtained your personal information.
      2. If we have your personal information on file, you may request to know the details thereof.
      3. If you find that any of your personal information we have on file is insufficient.
      4. If you find that any of your personal information we have on file is inaccurate, you may request for it to be added, corrected and deleted.
      5. To request we suspend use of your personal information to any third-party. We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third-party, except as set forth in Clause15.4.
      6. Inquire as to whether your personal information was being used for any unintended purposes.
  • 15.9 Privacy Policy Regarding User Contact Information
    • Privacy and Identity Protection Division, KOBO Co., Ltd.
    • Address: 3-2-22 Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, JAPAN 332-0012
    • TEL 048-227-0555 *Japanese Only. Business hours: 9:15 to 18:15 JST. Email:privacy@khobho.co.jp
  • 15.10 Privacy Mark
    • KOBO meets the requirements for JIS Q 15001:2006, and has the authorized "Privacy Mark" by JIPDEC (http://privacymark.jp/)
16. Online advertising we use
  • 16.1 Handling of personal information
    • Targeting / advertising cookies are used on our site. Kobo Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Our Company") uses cookies to collect information about our users, such as the pages you visit and your likely interests so as to deliver advertisements that are most relevant and appropriate to you.
  • 16.2 The purposes of using cookies
    • Cookies allow us to remember the choices and preferences you make when visiting our site so that you do no need to enter the same information repeatedly. This feature helps to enhance the convenience of users in using our service.
    • We use information supplied by cookies to help analyze customer’s usage status of the website (access status, traffic, routing etc.) and may further use it to for improving the performance of our website and enhancing the services that we offer to customers.
      Additionally, the following tools will be primarily used in the analysis and information collected may be shared with the tool providers.
    • The following services are used for serving advertisements and for analysing our web traffic:
      ※ If you do not want cookies to be placed on your device, you may opt out of the use of cookies by adjusting the setting of your browser.
  • 16.3 There may be instances where we will conduct behavioral targeting advertisements on this site and on the sites of the advertisement delivery service providers with whom we collaborate.
  • 16.4 Disable the use of cookies
17. Requests and Inquiries
  • Please contact KOBO with any requests or inquiries via email.
    Email: JapanBusOnline@mail.j-bus.co.jp
    We will not accept any inquiries directly regarding any particular bus operations and services since KOBO only operates the website for Japan Bus Online, and not the actual bus services.
    We shall not arbitrate disputes or claims between the customers and the registered companies and/or their operators.