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From:Takayama(Gifu) To:Takaoka(Toyama) |Highway Bus
Takayama/Shirakawa-go-Takaoka/Toyama/Kanazawa Line

Takayama(Gifu)-Takaoka(Toyama)Highway Bus

Bus Facility

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This is a highway bus service that connects Kanazawa, Toyama, Takaoka and Hida Takayama with a World Heritage site, Shirakawa-go. Some bus services go via Mitsui Park Outlet Hokuriku Oyabe & Toyama Airport. Bus amenities and services are subject to change without prior notice depending on bus operating companies and/or vehicle models.
*NOTE: For those passengers who have “ Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass”, we are afraid that you cannot book a ticket through Japan Bus Online Website. Please call bus operating company, Nohi Bus Reservation Center directly for reservations at +81(0)577-32-1688 from 9AM JST to 6PM JST.
Sightseeing spots
Gashho Zukuri Museum, Myozenji Temple, Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine, Ogimachi Castle Ruins Observation, Tenshukaku Observation Point, Takayama Old Town, Hida Folk Village, Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya District, Myoryuji Temple(Ninja-dera), Kanazawa Castle, Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District, 21st Centuary Museum of Contemporary Art, Omi-cho Market& Toyama Castle

Bookable Days of Operation

07/19 ~ 08/18


JPY 2,000 ~ JPY 4,000


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A total of 16 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
Takayama Nohi Bus Center MapDep. 07:50Dep. 11:20Dep. 12:50Dep. 16:30     Dep. 08:20Dep. 14:30Dep. 07:20Dep. 09:35Dep. 13:20Dep. 12:10Dep. 16:20
Shirakawa-go (Ogimachi) MapArr. 08:40Arr. 12:10Arr. 13:40Arr. 17:20     Arr. 09:10Arr. 15:20Arr. 08:10Arr. 10:25Arr. 14:10Arr. 13:00Arr. 17:10
Shirakawa-go (Ogimachi) MapDep. 08:50Dep. 12:20Dep. 13:50Dep. 17:30Dep. 10:25Dep. 10:55Dep. 11:25Dep. 15:10Dep. 15:55Dep. 09:20Dep. 15:30Dep. 08:20Dep. 10:35Dep. 14:20Dep. 13:10Dep. 17:20
Gokayama Suganuma Map    Dep. 10:50Dep. 11:20Dep. 11:50Dep. 15:35Dep. 16:20       
Kanazawa Sta. West Exit Bus Stop No.4 MapArr. 10:05Arr. 13:35Arr. 15:05Arr. 18:45Arr. 11:50Arr. 12:20Arr. 12:50Arr. 16:35Arr. 17:20       
Toyama Sta. Map         Arr. 10:40Arr. 16:50     
Tonami Sta. South Exit Map           Arr. 09:15 Arr. 15:15Arr. 14:05Arr. 18:15
Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe Map           Arr. 09:45Arr. 11:40   
Shin-Takaoka Sta. South Exit Map           Arr. 10:20Arr. 12:15Arr. 15:45Arr. 14:35Arr. 18:45
Takaoka Station Map           Arr. 10:35Arr. 12:30Arr. 16:00Arr. 14:50Arr. 19:00
Takaoka Bus Terminal Map           Arr. 10:50   Arr. 19:15