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From:Naha Airport(Okinawa) To:Okinawa(Okinawa) |Highway Bus
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Naha Airport(Okinawa)-Okinawa(Okinawa)Highway Bus

Bus Facility

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A convenient line connecting Naha with major resort hotels in Ginowan, Chatan, Yomitan, Onna, Nago & Motobu.
Sightseeing spots
Ginowan Tropial Beach, Okinawa Convention Center, Mihama American Village, Zanpamisaki, Cape Manzamo, Churaumi Aquarium and Bise Fukugi Avenue

Bookable Days of Operation

06/25 ~ 07/24


JPY 160 ~ JPY 2,550


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A total of 14 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
Naha Airport Terminal Ent. (Domestic) Bus stop No.12 MapDep. 11:30Dep. 13:30Dep. 15:40Dep. 17:40Dep. 11:40Dep. 13:40Dep. 11:50Dep. 13:50Dep. 15:20Dep. 16:20Dep. 18:20 Dep. 11:20Dep. 13:20
Naha Bus Terminal Bus stop No.11 MapDep. 11:40Dep. 13:40Dep. 15:50Dep. 17:50Dep. 11:50Dep. 13:50Dep. 12:00Dep. 14:00Dep. 15:30Dep. 16:30Dep. 18:30Dep. 07:30Dep. 11:30Dep. 13:30
Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan MapArr./Dep. 12:05Arr./Dep. 14:05Arr./Dep. 16:20Arr./Dep. 18:20          
Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence MapArr./Dep. 12:08Arr./Dep. 14:08Arr./Dep. 16:23Arr./Dep. 18:23          
Laguna Garden Hotel MapArr./Dep. 12:15Arr./Dep. 14:15Arr./Dep. 16:29Arr./Dep. 18:29          
The Beach Tower Okinawa MapArr./Dep. 12:35Arr./Dep. 14:35Arr./Dep. 16:46Arr./Dep. 18:46          
Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa MapArr./Dep. 12:40Arr./Dep. 14:40Arr./Dep. 16:50Arr./Dep. 18:50          
La'gent Hotel Okinawa Chatan MapArr./Dep. 12:48Arr./Dep. 14:48Arr./Dep. 16:57Arr./Dep. 18:57          
Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort MapArr./Dep. 12:50Arr./Dep. 14:50Arr./Dep. 16:59Arr./Dep. 18:59          
LeQu Okinawa Chatan Spa & Resort MapArr./Dep. 12:52Arr./Dep. 14:52Arr./Dep. 17:02Arr./Dep. 19:02          
DoubleTree by Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort MapArr. 12:54Arr. 14:54Arr./Dep. 17:04Arr./Dep. 19:04          
The Moon Beach Museum Resort Map      Arr./Dep. 13:00Arr./Dep. 15:00Arr./Dep. 16:30Arr./Dep. 17:30Arr./Dep. 19:30   
Renaissance Resort Okinawa Map    Arr./Dep. 12:42Arr./Dep. 14:42        
Best Western Resort Okinawa Onna Beach Map    Arr./Dep. 12:48Arr./Dep. 14:48        
Grand Mercure Okinawa Cape Zanpa Resort Map    Arr./Dep. 12:56Arr./Dep. 14:56        
Hotel Nikko Alivila Map  Arr./Dep. 17:34Arr./Dep. 19:34Arr./Dep. 13:03Arr./Dep. 15:03        
HOSHINOYA Okinawa Map  Arr./Dep. 17:36Arr./Dep. 19:36Arr./Dep. 13:05Arr./Dep. 15:05        
Grand Mercure Okinawa Cape Zanpa Resort Map  Arr./Dep. 17:43Arr./Dep. 19:43          
Yomitan Bus Terminal Map  Arr. 18:05Arr. 20:05Arr. 13:22Arr. 15:22        
Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort Map      Arr./Dep. 13:04Arr./Dep. 15:04Arr./Dep. 16:34Arr./Dep. 17:34Arr./Dep. 19:34   
Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel Map      Arr./Dep. 13:07Arr./Dep. 15:07Arr./Dep. 16:37Arr./Dep. 17:37Arr./Dep. 19:37   
Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort Map      Arr./Dep. 13:11Arr./Dep. 15:11Arr./Dep. 16:41Arr./Dep. 17:41Arr./Dep. 19:41   
Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay Map      Arr./Dep. 13:15Arr./Dep. 15:15Arr./Dep. 16:45Arr./Dep. 17:45Arr./Dep. 19:45   
ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort Map      Arr. 13:30Arr. 15:30      
ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort Map        Arr./Dep. 17:00Arr./Dep. 18:00Arr./Dep. 20:00Arr./Dep. 08:40Arr./Dep. 12:40Arr./Dep. 14:40
Hoshino Resorts Seragaki Map        Arr./Dep. 17:03Arr./Dep. 18:03Arr./Dep. 20:03Arr./Dep. 08:43Arr./Dep. 12:43Arr./Dep. 14:43
Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa Map        Arr./Dep. 17:06Arr./Dep. 18:06Arr./Dep. 20:06Arr./Dep. 08:46Arr./Dep. 12:46Arr./Dep. 14:46
Halekulani Okinawa Map        Arr./Dep. 17:19Arr./Dep. 18:19Arr./Dep. 20:19Arr./Dep. 08:59Arr./Dep. 12:59Arr./Dep. 14:59
Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean SPA Map        Arr./Dep. 17:23Arr./Dep. 18:23Arr./Dep. 20:23Arr./Dep. 09:03Arr./Dep. 13:03Arr./Dep. 15:03
The Busena Terrace Map        Arr./Dep. 17:28Arr./Dep. 18:28Arr./Dep. 20:28Arr./Dep. 09:08Arr./Dep. 13:08Arr./Dep. 15:08
Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort&Spa Map        Arr./Dep. 17:34Arr./Dep. 18:34Arr./Dep. 20:34Arr./Dep. 09:13Arr./Dep. 13:13Arr./Dep. 15:13
The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa Map            Arr./Dep. 13:17Arr./Dep. 15:17
Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Map        Arr. 17:37Arr. 18:37Arr. 20:37Arr./Dep. 09:19Arr./Dep. 13:22Arr./Dep. 15:22
Nago Bus Terminal Bus Stop No.0 Map           Arr./Dep. 09:33Arr./Dep. 13:36Arr./Dep. 15:36
Ocean EXPO Park Map           Arr./Dep. 10:03Arr./Dep. 14:06Arr./Dep. 16:06
Royal View Hotel Churaumi Map           Arr./Dep. 10:05Arr./Dep. 14:08Arr./Dep. 16:08
Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa Map           Arr. 10:07Arr. 14:10Arr. 16:10