Highland Furano, Farm Tomita, Shikisai-no-Oka and Blue Pond Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)
June 26 - June 30, 2024
10 hrs and 23 min
Bus Company
Hokkaido Chuo Bus 
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station / Dep 9:40 Arr 20:03
This course is operated by two buses

JPY 8,700
JPY 5,600
Important Notice
*Lunch included.
*This course is guided in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
*Sightseeing guide will accompany, but will not explain the sights.Guidance is available through audio system.
This popular course will tour the Blue Pond, Farm Tomita lavender fields, and Shikisai-no-Oka all in one day.
●Highland Furano: A large hot spring and accommodation facility situated near vast forests and lavender fields. Visitors can enjoy views of the impressive Tokachidake Mountain Range and a bright purple “sea of lavender.” A footpath leads through the forest, where visitors can enjoy “forest bathing,” bird-watching and viewing wildflowers. For lunch we will enjoy petite fondue + hamburger steak + rice * coffee or tea. We especially recommend the petite fondue.
●Roller Coaster Road: 2.5 kilometers of undulating highway that seems to continue forever, is named “Roller coaster road.” The drive on this road provides spectacular views of hills, pastures and the mighty Tokachidake Mountain Range.
●Shikisai-no-Oka Hill: The beautiful fields of flowers on this hill are a piece of the “Biei Patchwork” scenery. Between 30 to 40 varieties of flowers are planted on this farm that is no longer used for farming, and each year between May and late October, numerous flowers bloom wildly across the hill. Peak season is July to late September. The gentle slopes covered in flowers is truly an impressive sight!
The first alpacas to be raised in Hokkaido live on Shikisai-no-Oka Hill.
The adorable creatures are popular mascots among the children who come from all over the world.
●Blue Pond: One of the most popular sights of Biei in recent years. The mysterious pond appears blue on the surface, with dead pine trees creating an eerie and fantastic atmosphere.
●Farm Tomita: The oldest and most historic lavender farm in Japan. Discover the history of lavender and seasonal flowers. At the gift shop on site, you can purchase seasonal flowers, soaps, perfumes and other original items made from lavender.