The Silver-white Snow Monsters of Hakkoda
A flexible tour offers you combination of enjoyment from fantastic scenery, onsen and art etc. You will be able to pick a spot you like from a list of itinerary. 
・View gigantic snow monsters from Hakkoda Ropeway OR
・Enjoy tranquil time at a hotel, Jogakura surrounded by beech forests OR
・Take a secluded hot spring, Sukayu Onsen Bath 

・Explore Sannai Maruyama historical site which consisted of remains of human settlement thousands of years ago. OR
・Broaden your artistic appreciation by visiting the Aomori Museum of Art

Tourist spots

Hakkoda Ropeway / Sukayu Onsen / HOTEL Jogakura 
& Sannai Maruyama Ruins / Aomori Museum of Art
Operating days

Designated days from 11 Jan - 8 Mar, 2020
(Check days of operation below)
Tour Includes

Bus fare& guide service 
(Admission fees to all facilities and lunch are at your own expense)
Tour type
One-day tour
Available from one month prior to your travel date 
Bus Company
JR Bus Tohoku Co., Ltd. 

Operating Calendar
11-13, 16-26& 28-31
1-2, 8-9, 11, 15-16, 22-24& 29
1 & 7-8
JPY 4,000
Children (6 to 12)
JPY 2,000
 Dep. 9:00AM 
Hotel Aomori
 Dep. 9:05AM 
Art Hotel Aomori
 Dep. 9:10AM 
Hotel JAL City Aomori
 Dep. 9:15AM 
Hotel Sunroute Aomori
 Dep. 9:20AM 
Aomori station
Dep. 9:40AM
Shin-Aomori Station
 11:00AM - 2:10PM

Hakkoda Ropeway
HOTEL Jogakura
Sukayu Onsen
*Any spot(s) of the above at your own choice. Passengers can hop on and off the bus to your preferred destination according to the bus schedule. 
3:30PM - 4:20PM
3:40 PM - 4:30PM

Sannai Maruyama Ruins
Aomori Museum of Art
*Any one of the above at your own choice. 
Return: 4:50PM
Shin-Aomori Station
Return: 5:10PM
Aomori station
Return: 5:15PM
Hotel Sunroute Aomori
Return: 5:20PM
Hotel JAL City Aomori
Return: 5:25PM
Art Hotel Aomori
Return: 5:30PM
Hotel Aomori
Free hop-on & hop-off zone and bus schedule:
Hakkoda Ropeway       Hotel  Jogakura                               Sukayu Onsen
11:00                                      11:05                       11:10
12:30                                      12:25                      12:20 
12:30                                      12:35                      12:40
14:10                                      14:05                      14:00
* Open-air bath at Hotel Jogakura starts at 11:30.    
Snow Monsters at Hakkoda
Soba Restaurant at Sukayu Onsen
Sannai Maruyama
Soba noodles
Aomori Museum of Art
Oden, Fishcake and vegetable stew

Hotel, Jogakura
Enjoy a tranquil time at a hotel, Jogakura surrounded by beech forests.
In the open-air bath, take advantage of a natural hot spring abundantly gushing out from the source of Mount Hakkoda while listening to sounds of water stream.