The Snowfield of Ipponzakura and Koiwai
This is a day tour which takes you to a picturesque natural scenery in the snow and Amihari Hot Spring, located at the foot of Mt. Iwate. A magnificent lonesome cherry blossom tree in the snowy farmland, together with Mt. Iwate is the must-see landscape in Iwate Prefecture.
The authentic cuisine at Koiwai farm restaurant will make you smack your lips. 

Tourist spots

Koiwai lonesome Cherry Blossom Tree/Tsurugadai Cattle Barn, Koiwai Farm& Amihari Onsen
Sat, Sun and National Holidays from 12 Jan to 24 February, 2019
Tour Includes

Transportation& Japanese-speaking Tour guide  *GPS Automated Guidance System Available in English and Chinese.
Available from one month prior to your travel date
Bus Company
JR Bus Tohoku Co., Ltd. 

Operating Calendar
12-14& 17-29
2-11, 16-17,& 23-24
JPY 2,000
Children(6 to 12)
JPY 1,000
Morioka Station East Exit
Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing
Hotel Shion
Koiwai lonesome Cherry Blossom Tree (from a nearest parking lot)
Koiwai Farm (Lunch at your own expense) & Tsurugadai Cattle Barn
Amihari Onsen( Onsen Bath& sled ride at your own expense)
Return 3:50PM
Hotel Shion
Return 4:20PM
Morioka Station East Exit
Return 4:25PM
Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing
Koiwai Farm
Koiwai Farm is an expansive private farm which spreads 3,000 hectares located at the base of Mt. Iwate. The farm is famous for milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream made on site, as well as the delicious local cuisines served at the restaurant. Make sure to try the rich gelato and soft serve ice cream using the fresh milk and eggs.
A lonesome snowfield cherry blossom tree
Set against the magnificent Mt. Iwata, a single cherry blossom tree spreads its roots across the vast garden field of Koiwai Farm. The tree was originally planted some 100 years ago to protect cattle from the heat and strong sunlight in summer. The single, dignified cherry blossom tree is a beautiful sight amidst the quite field of snow. You will certainly want to see this fantastic and striking winter scene with your own eyes.

Amihari Onsen
Amihari Hot Spring, located on the southwestern flank of the dramatic Mt Iwate in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, is a flowing sulfur hot spring with a history of 1300 years. You can heal yourself and warm up your cold body in the hot spring after the sled ride at the Amihari ski resort adjacent to the onsen.