Kamikochi is a high mountain valley approximately 18 kilometers in length, situated in the Hida Mountains, "the Northern Japan Alps" in Nagano Prefecture. The average elevation of the valley floor ranges between roughly 1,400 m above sea level at the south end and roughly 1,600 m at the northern tip. Kamikochi is one of the popular tourist destinations in Japan where offers some of its most spectacular mountain scenery and a variety of hiking trails. It is open from mid/late April until November 15 and closes down during the winter season. The scenery of Kamikochi enchants visitors throughout the four seasons, from the fresh greenery of spring and the lilies and Malus toringo that bloom in summer, to the colourful foliage of autumn. If you are lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of animals including Japanese macaques, stoats, rabbits and serow in their natural habitat. 
Taisho Pond
Taisho Pond was created when the Azusa River was banked up with the mudflow generated by the major volcanic eruption of Mt. Yakedake on June 6, 1915, and it is one of the representative sceneries of Kamikochi with its fantastic view of withered trees on the glassy beautiful lake surface. The walking path arranged along Azusa River is flat and walkable, this hiking trail from Taisho Pond to Kappa Bridge is the most popular walking course in Kamikochi. 
Kappa Bridge
Kappa Bridge is a wooden suspension bridge over the Azusa River that is 3.1m wide and 36.6m long, located near the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. There are lodges, hotels, restaurants, cafe and souvenir shops around the bridge, which is a great place to take a little rest and grab a bite/drink after a hike. The bridge is one of the popular photo spots where you can appreciate an amazing view of My. Myojindake and Hotaka Peaks. Also, surrounding area around the bridge is home to a local species of willow and Japanese larch trees. 
Tashiro Pond
Tashiro Pond is a small shallow pond on a glassy plain surrounded by marshland located along the hiking trail that connects the Kappa Bridge with Taisho Pond.
Visitors can catch the sight of Mt. Kasumizawa and Hotaka mountain range in its surroundings. Seasonal flowers and greenery can also be enjoyed depending on the time you visit. 

Japanese serow 
Japanese macaques
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Mandarin ducks