Kisoji, Nakasendo Trail Tour: Narai-juku Town Walking Route/ Torii Pass Trekking Route 
Our sightseeing bus tour offers you a chance to appreciate medieval townscapes where you feel as if you travelled back in time.  Participants can choose preferred tour routes: "Narai-juku Walking Routes" or "Torii Pass Trekking Routes" that link between Yabuhara-juku and Narai-juku.
Outward trip

Hotel Buena Vista Dep. 9:55 AM→ Matsumoto Bus Terminal Dep 10:10 AM→ Shiojiri Sta. East exit Dep. 11:10 AM→ Narai-juku Parking lot Arr. 11:40 AM
Sightseeing attractions

1.Narai-juku (walk) 2. Torii Pass (trekking) 3. Izutsu winery(shopping/tasting) Participants can choose preferred routes, Narai-juku routes or Torii Pass routes, and all participants are scheduled to visit Izutsu winery.  
(Please refer to the model routes below for reference)
Return trip

Narai-juku Parking lot Dep.3:00 PM→ Izutu Winery(shopping/tasting) Arr.3:30 PM, Dep 4:00 PM→ Shiojiri Sta. East exit Arr. 4:10 PM→ Matsumoto Bus Terminal Arr. 5:00 PM→ Hotel Buena Vista Arr. 5:10 PM

Designated days from 3October to 15 November, 2020
※Please view the days of operation listed below for the specific travel dates. 
Required. Available one month prior to departure.
Bus fare, Bus attendant. Lunch isn't included, but at your own expense.
Model routes
【A. Torii Pass Trekking/ Lunch at the roadside station】
 Arr. 11:50AM Roadside station Kisomura (Lunch)→ For 2hrs 20 mins. Trekking Over Torii Pass→ Meeting time/point: 3:00PM. Narai-juku Parking Lot
【B. Torii Pass Trekking/ Lunch in Narai-Juku】
Arr. 11:50AM Roadside station Kisomura → For 2hrs 20 mins. Trekking Over Torii Pass (Lunch in Narai-Juku)→ Meeting time/point: 3:00PM Narai-juku Parking Lot
【C. Narai-Juku Walk】
Dep.11:40AM Narai-Juku Parking lot → For 50 mins. Strolling through Narai-Juku → 12:30PM-1:30PM. Lunch in Narai-Juku → Meeting time/point: 3:00PM Narai-juku Parking Lot

Days of Operation                          
JPY 4,000
JPY 2,000
Lunch is not included in the tour price. 
Admission discounts at the Nakamura Residence are offered to the participants of this tour. 
Tours will resume from 3 October, 2020, but are subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19.

Narai-Juku is the longest post town stretches for about 1 kilometer, and is the longest of its kind in Japan. The post town has designated as important districts for the preservation of historic buildings where you will feel like you’ve jumped back in time to the Edo period. 
Along Narai-juku are rows of beautifully preserved attractions including lodges, souvenir shops, restaurants, museums, temples, and historical buildings that are worth visiting. Traditional district and its architectures that have remained intact attract visitors not only from Japan but also from overseas. 
What’s more, you can experience the variety of activities unique to Narai-juku such as cooking Goheimochi (skewered, grilled sweet rice cakes served with soy sauce or miso), making your own chopsticks made from cypress, and wearing Kimono. 
Torii Pass
The Torii pass is the 6km mountain passage which connects Yabuhara-Juku with Narai-Juku along the Nakasendo trail. In the Edo period, many travelers walked the Nakasendo trail on their way to and from Tokyo and Kyoto. At present, the Torii pass became one of the popular trekking routes where still retains untouched places to take in the history of Japan. You will immerse yourself in the mother nature feeling the gentle breeze with fragrances of woods that changes with seasons as you hike the Torii pass. 

* No guides will be accompanied on the trekking. Participants can walk/hike the pass at your own pace.