Bus trip to former lodging towns of Magome & Tsumago via Nakasendo (Samurai Road) 
Magome and Tsumago are former lodging towns along the Nakasendo path that once connected Kyoto and Tokyo. These are beautiful towns that still deeply reflect the memories of the lodging areas of the Edo period. The 9 kilometer trail has been well preserved over time, with numerous traditional wooden houses, cobblestone streets, tea shops and nostalgic agricultural areas along the path. 
The trail is relatively gentle and a spectacular natural landscape view of Ena mountain range and waterfalls can be enjoyed. It takes around 3 hours to walk at a leisurely pace. Magome and Tsumago are just 2.5 hours away from Takayama, why not spend a day to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of a city and experience the lives of samurai at the old times. 

April 1 – November 30, 2019
Approx 9hrs. 50mins.
Tour Includes

Transportation only 
(No guide)
Bus Company
Nohi Bus Co., Ltd.
Takayama – Takayama 
JPY 5,500
Child (6-12)
JPY 2,750
Gero – Gero 
JPY 4,000
Child (6-12)
JPY 2,000

Dep. 8:10
Takayama Bus Terminal
Dep. 9:20
Gero Bus Terminal (for pick up only)
Dep. 9:22
Gero Station (for pick up only)

Nakasendo Samurai Road (8.5km about 3 hours by walk)

Dep. 15:00 
Gero Station (for drop off only)
Arr. 18:00
Takayama Bus Terminal
※ Passengers who prefer not walking along the Nakasendo can take the bus from Magome to Tsumago. In this case, 
please take the bus departing Magome at 12:45 p.m. and arriving Tsumago at 13:10 p.m. You will have about 110 mins time in Magome & Tsumago respectively for exploration on your own. 
※This tour can be used from either Takayama / Gero -> Magome / Tsumago or Magome / Tsumago -> Takayama / Gero.