Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus
Koyasan & Kumano
Koyasan & Kumano

Tour Description

“Koyasan-Kumano Access Bus” connects UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Koya with Kumano through Koya-ryujin Skyline, a mountain road that offers you panoramic scenery to Mount Koya., the center of Shingon Buddhism.

You can hike Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage routes, enjoying the nature, numerous shrines and temples along the way. Plus, the routes are dotted with onsen towns such as Kumano Onsen resorts and Ryujin Onsen. Come and enjoy the rewarding experience of this region by bus conveniently!

Wakayama Prefecture

The Kii mountains tower over central Wakayama Prefecture wrapped in a veil of green. To the north and south are two sacred areas registered as World Heritages:  Koyasan and  Kumano Sanzan.

It is rarity to have not one, but two such prominent sites with so much to tell about Japan in the same prefecture, Wakayama. Only here, you will encounter the allure of spiritual world that for more than a thousand years has drawn mankind in a search of faith.

Blessed with a wondrous natural environment of seas, mountains and rives, and filled with mystery, in Wakayama Prefecture, you can get away from everyday life and set your sprit free. 


Morning/Afternoon Tour: Koyasan Sta.=> Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine/Tanabe  

Morning/Afternoon Tour: Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine/ Tanabe=> Koyasan Sta.

April, 2019-November 30, 2019
Every day
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Morning & Afternoon Tour
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3 months prior to departure
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Ryujin Jidousha Co., Ltd.
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Koyasn is a mountaintop basin some 6km east-west and 2km north-south, where 816 the mount Kukai- posthumously known as Konodaishi- founded his first seminary for training in the esoteric sect of Shingon Buddism. The area is surrounded by mountains 1,000 m in height. During the heyday of the Edo Period, there stood over 2,000 temples, halls and cloisters. Today, it continues to observe the teachings of Buddha as the center of Shingon Buddism.

There is also 24 km path leading from the mausoleum of Kobodaishi at Okuno-in Temple to Jiso-in Temple at the foot of Mt. Koya. Known as “ Choishi-michi”, it is marked every approximate 109m- or-cho- by a stone marker, or “ Choishi” in Japanese, on which is etched the number of cho. There are 216 markers in all. Even today, many people on pilgrimage follow as there are many key points of religious interest along the way, including Jison-in, which was built by Kobodaishi; Niukansho Shrine and Nitsuhime Shrine, the tutelary deity of Mt. Koya.
Konpon-daito Pagoda
Konpon-daito Pagoda