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Sendai Walking Tour ( Morning Tour)

Sendai Walking Tour ( Morning Tour)

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This is a three-hour morning tour with live guide in Japanese which covers tourist attractions in Sendai related to the feudal lord of the Sendai domain, Masamune Date. Everyday until 31 October, 2020 (Except 18-20 Mar, 22 Mar, 24-25 Mar, 30-31 Mar, 1-6 May, 21 Jun, 29-30 Jun, 15-16 Aug)
Sightseeing spots
Zuihoden Mausoleum (Inclusive of Entrance fee), Sendai Castle Ruins, Osaki Hachimangu Shrine, Jozenji Street (from a window), Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi Stadium ( from a window)
Available languages

Bookable Days of Operation

09/22 ~ 10/21


JPY 2,200 ~ JPY 2,200


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