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Photogenic spots in Oga & Ogre-like Namahage Deities

Photogenic spots in Oga & Ogre-like Namahage Deities

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This is the live commentary included tour to attractions of the Oga Peninsula from/to hotels around Akita station. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Oga Peninsula and Namahage ritual, as well as the imposing tourist attractions which has added to the itinerary.
Sightseeing spots
Mount Kampuzan Rotating Observatory ( Lunch at your own expense), Takinogashira Spring(6/6-14,7/18-8/30), Unshoji Temple(6/20-7/12), Namahage Museum& Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum(A Special Discount offered)
Available languages
A Japanese-speaking guide, GPS commentary system in English and Chinese.

Bookable Days of Operation

08/08 ~ 08/30


JPY 4,000 ~ JPY 4,500


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