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From:Nikko/Utsunomiya,Tochigi To:Narita Airport(NRT) |Highway Bus/Airport Bus
Narita Airport Line(Utsunomiya Line)

Narita Airport Line(Utsunomiya Line)

Bus Facility

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DIRECT BUS SERVICE to NARITA AIRPORT. Passengers departing from Narita Airport, please purchase a ticket at "KEISEI Bus Ticket Counter" on your arriving Terminal on the day you travel. A new bus stop will be opened from 22 April, 2016 at the following location: JR Nikko Station. Note: Not all the services stop at JR Nikko Station.

Reservation opening dates.

01/19 ~ 02/18


JPY 2,600 ~ JPY 4,500


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A total of 12 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
JR Nikko Station Map           02:42 PM
Kanuma Interchange Entrance Map 04:00 AM04:35 AM05:00 AM05:50 AM06:40 AM08:00 AM09:40 AM10:55 AM12:15 PM02:20 PM03:20 PM
JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit,Bus Stop No.16 Map 04:25 AM05:00 AM05:25 AM06:15 AM07:05 AM08:30 AM10:10 AM11:25 AM12:45 PM02:50 PM03:50 PM
Yanagita Garage Map02:50 AM04:40 AM05:15 AM05:45 AM06:35 AM07:40 AM09:00 AM10:30 AM11:45 AM01:05 PM03:10 PM04:10 PM
JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit,Bus Stop No.16 Map03:10 AM
Kanuma Interchange Entrance Map03:30 AM
Mooka Map05:05 AM05:40 AM06:10 AM07:00 AM08:10 AM09:30 AM10:55 AM12:10 PM01:30 PM03:35 PM04:35 PM
Sano Shintoshi Bus Terminal,Bus Stop No.4 Map04:05 AM
Sakai-Koga Bus Terminal Map04:49 AM
Narita Airport Terminal.2 Map06:05 AM06:45 AM07:20 AM07:50 AM08:40 AM09:50 AM11:10 AM12:35 PM01:50 PM03:10 PM05:15 PM06:15 PM
Narita Airport Terminal.1 Map06:10 AM06:50 AM07:25 AM07:55 AM08:45 AM09:55 AM11:15 AM12:40 PM01:55 PM03:15 PM05:20 PM06:20 PM
Narita Airport Terminal.3 Map06:15 AM06:55 AM07:30 AM08:00 AM08:50 AM10:00 AM11:20 AM12:45 PM02:00 PM03:20 PM05:25 PM06:25 PM