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From:Shakujikoen,Tokyo/Wako,Saitama To:Haneda Airport(HND) |Highway Bus/Airport Bus
Shakujikoen Haneda Line

Shakujikoen Haneda Line

Bus Facility

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This is the airport shuttle bus service that connects Shakuijikoen and Wako with Haneda Airport.NOTE: Passengers departing from Haneda Airport, please purchase a ticket at "Ticket Counter" on your arriving Terminal on the day you travel. Please note that advance reservations cannot be made for the service that departs from Haneda Airport.

Bookable Days of Operation

07/18 ~ 08/17


JPY 1,700 ~ JPY 1,700


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A total of 8 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
Shakujii-koen Station North Exit MapDep. 04:30Dep. 05:30Dep. 06:40Dep. 08:30Dep. 10:30Dep. 12:30Dep. 14:30Dep. 15:50
Wakoshi Station South Exit MapDep. 04:50Dep. 05:50Dep. 07:00Dep. 08:55Dep. 10:50Dep. 12:50Dep. 14:50Dep. 16:10
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 MapArr. 05:40Arr. 07:00Arr. 08:20Arr. 10:20Arr. 11:55Arr. 13:55Arr. 15:50Arr. 17:10
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 MapArr. 05:45Arr. 07:05Arr. 08:25Arr. 10:25Arr. 12:00Arr. 14:00Arr. 15:55Arr. 17:15
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 MapArr. 05:55Arr. 07:15Arr. 08:35Arr. 10:35Arr. 12:10Arr. 14:10Arr. 16:05Arr. 17:25