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From:Nagano(Nagano) To:Shiga(Nagano) |Highway Bus
Nagano - Shiga Line, Weekend Shiga

Nagano - Shiga Line, Weekend Shiga

Bus Facility

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A highway bus connecting between Nagano Station East Exit and Shiga Kogen (highland).

Bookable Days of Operation

03/05 ~ 03/19


JPY 1,100 ~ JPY 2,100


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A total of 1 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
Nagano Sta. East Exit MapDep. 09:00 PM
Apple City Nakano MapArr. 09:30 PM
AEON Nakanoten MapArr. 09:32 PM
Michinoeki (Roadside station) Yamanouchi MapArr. 09:36 PM
Snow monkey park MapArr. 09:42 PM
Sunvalley MapArr. 10:05 PM
Maruike MapArr. 10:07 PM
Hasuike Hiroba MapArr. 10:08 PM
Shigakogen Yamanoeki MapArr. 10:10 PM
Hoppo Onsen MapArr. 10:23 PM
Takamagahara MapArr. 10:30 PM
Ichinose MapArr. 10:32 PM
Ichinose Ski Resort MapArr. 10:33 PM
Prince Hotel West Bldg. MapArr. 10:34 PM
Prince Hotel South Bldg. MapArr. 10:36 PM
Prince Hotel East Bldg. MapArr. 10:38 PM
Okushiga Gondola MapArr. 10:45 PM
Okushiga Kogen Hotel MapArr. 10:55 PM