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Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(Suganuma) Sightseeing Bus

Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(Suganuma) Sightseeing Bus

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There are 12 households in Suganuma Village with only 9 traditional thatched roof houses. 2 of them were build during the Edo period( early 19th century-mid 19th century), and 6 of them were build in the Meiji period. The most recent build as late as 1925.
[Lunch menu]
Masu kanroni(sweetend boiled trout fish), Hida soba(Japanese Soba noodle), Ishiwaritofu(Hard bean curd with hoba miso), Sansai(Plants grouwing in the wild and in the mountains), Kuromami(black rice), Miso soup,Pickles
Sightseeing spots
From 10:30AM to 4:15PM
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Bookable Days of Operation

07/11 ~ 08/31


JPY 5,900 ~ JPY 6,900


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