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From:Tanabe(Wakayama) To:Wakayama(Wakayama) |Sightseeing bus
Sightseeing Bus: Kumano Trails & Nakahechi with local storytellers

Sightseeing Bus: Kumano Trails & Nakahechi with local storytellers

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This is a sightseeing bus which takes you to Kumano Trail and Nakahechi. You can choose the either route: Kumano Trail or Nakahechi depending on the walking distance. A local story teller will entertain you introducing the history of the region and its tourist attractions. Your luggage can be kept at the Kii-Tanabe station.* If you want your luggage deliver to your accommodation in designated area, please apply the form at
Sightseeing spots
Tainai-kuguri, Takahara Kumano Shrine, Village in the Mist, Gyuba-doji Statue, Hashiori Pass, Chikatsuyu-Oji
Available languages

Bookable Days of Operation

06/04 ~ 08/28


JPY 5,500 ~ JPY 6,500


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Kii Tanabe Station MapDep. 07:30 AMDep. 07:30 AM
Takijiri MapArr. 08:10 AM 
Gyubadojiguchi Map Arr. 08:40 AM