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Enjoy Takehara: Townscape Preservation District & Okunoshima Island

Enjoy Takehara: Townscape Preservation District & Okunoshima Island

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The tour will take you to the major attractions of Takehara city, departing from Hiroshima station, the gateway to Hiroshima. You will be visiting Townscape Preservation District, known as “the little Kyoto of Aki” ( former name of Hiroshima), where has a tranquil and calm atmosphere and Okunoshima Island, famous for “the rabbit island” nationwide.
Sightseeing spots
Takehara Townscape Preservation District is registered as an National Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. You will feel like you are taken back to the old days of Japan where retains traditional atmosphere.Okunoshima Island is the popular place for comfort lots of tourists both from Japan and oversea visit to meet over 700 wild rabbits inhabited on its island. (Takehara’s Traditional bamboo craft making and ferry fares are included.)
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12/04 ~ 12/26


JPY 5,000 ~ JPY 5,000


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