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Bus trip to former lodging towns of Magome & Tsumago via Nakasendo (Samurai Road)

Bus trip to former lodging towns of Magome & Tsumago via Nakasendo (Samurai Road)

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Magome and Tsumago are former lodging towns along the Nakasendo path that once connected Kyoto and Edo. These are beautiful towns that still deeply reflect the memories of the lodging areas of the Edo period. The 9 kilometer road that connects the two lodging towns has been well preserved over time, and tour participants can experience the history of the samurais that walked this path many years ago. The simple natural atmosphere of the cobblestone streets, the tea shops along the pass, and the nostalgic agricultural areas can be enjoyed through this hike. A very convenient bus tour tying many of the popular sightseeing spots of the area will be introduced on April 1st, 2019. Magome and Tsumago are two and a half hours away from Takayama. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a day trip from Takayama and Gero Onsen to the old lodging towns of Magome and Tsumago?
Sightseeing spots
Magome, Tsumago, Nakasendo, Ichikokutochi Tatebachaya, Mountain Ena
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Bookable Days of Operation

09/24 ~ 11/30


JPY 2,300 ~ JPY 5,500


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