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Tokyo-Kanazawa Kimasshi Liner
Bookable Days of Operation
7/14/2020 ~ 8/13/2020
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Last Stop
09:20 PM
07:10 AM
Tokyo Office
Kitakansakimori garage
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JPY 5,500~
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Important notice regarding this route.
Buses are equipped with blankets and armrests, making your journey more comfortable.
Contact information
Please make an inquiry to customer support center, KOBO Co., Ltd relating to reservations, payment of tickets and refunds. 
Please contact following bus company for bus operations. 
Tohoku Kyuko Bus Co., Ltd. Tel: + 81 3-3529-0321
東北急行バス TEL03-3529-0321

*We will not accept any inquiries directly regarding any particular bus operations and services since KOBO Co.,ltd. only operates the website for Japan Bus Online, and not the actual bus services. Please contact the operating bus company directly for information regarding bus operations( service status, locations of ticket window, boarding locations, loss of your ticket, lost and found and luggage.)
Important notice from operating bus company
Please keep an eye on your items. 
We are not liable for any loss or damage to your luggage.
Each passenger is allowed one piece of luggage that complies with following weight & size limitations,.
 -Less than 10 kg in total.
-Less than 1 meter in total exterior dimensions (length+width+height).
-Less than 0.3 cubic meters in capacity
Golf bags, snowboards, skis, surfboards, musical instrument and folding bicycles are not allowed to bring onto the bus.
Any fragile items and valuables items should not be stowed in the storage compartment in any circumstances, but should be taken on board as a hand luggage. Dangerous goods and pets are prohibited to bring.
長大荷物・壊れ物・貴重品(折りたたみ自転車、サーフボード、スキー、スノーボード、ゴルフバック、楽器類、財布等)の収納はお断りさせていただきます。 危険物やペットの持ち込み、積み込みはできません。